Paket Tour Penida Snorkeling

Paket  Tour Penida Snorkeling  adalah paket tour untuk anda yang menyukai keindahan dunia bawah laut. Nusa Penida memiliki banyak spot menarik untuk melihat keindahan bawah laut, seperti di Gamat Bay, Crystal Bay, Manta Point dan masih banyak lagi spot spot yang menarik. Kami akan mengajak anda mengunjungi  spot snorkeling terbaik di Nusa Penida

Paket Tour Penida Snorkeling

Paket  ini  adalah paket tour untuk anda yang menyukai keindahan dunia bawah laut. Nusa Penida memiliki banyak spot menarik untuk melihat keindahan bawah laut, seperti di Gamat Bay, Crystal Bay, Manta Point dan masih banyak lagi spot spot yang menarik. Kami akan mengajak anda mengunjungi  spot snorkeling terbaik di Nusa Penida


  • Toya Pakeh Wallpoint
  • Crystal Bay
  • Gamat Bay
  • Manta Point


Price / Pax
1 Pax
Rp 750.000
2 Pax
Rp 450.000
3 Pax
Rp 375.000
4 Pax
Rp 325.000
5 Pax
Rp 295.000
6 Pax
Rp 285.000
>10 Pax
Rp 250.000

*** Silahkan hubungi kami jika lebih dari 6 pax


  • Tiket Fast Boat Boat PP (Sanur-Nusa Penida)
  • Mobil + BBM (Avanza, Terios, Apv)
  • Driver / Lokal Tour Guide Untuk Snorkeling
  • Air mineral
  • Makan Siang
  • Tiket Masuk Semua Destinasi
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Private Boat Snorkeling
  • Private Tour (Tidak di gabung dengan grup lain)
07.30AM Meeting Point di Pantai Sanur
08.00AM Fast Boat Berangkat ke Nusa Penida
08.30AM Tiba di Nusa Penida
09.30AM Tiba di Spot Pertama  Toya Pakeh Wallpoint
11.00 AM Tiba di Gamat Bay
12.00 AM Tiba di Manta Point
13.00 PM Tiba di Crystal Bay
14.00 PM Kembali ke Dermaga Nusa Penida & Makan Siang
15.00 PM Fast Boat Berangkat Menuju Sanur
  • Booking bisa dari sekarang atau paling lambat 1 hari sebelumnya
  • Untuk single traveler akan kami gunakan sepeda motor


Great day in Nusa Penida

I recently had the pleasure of embarking on a guided trip in Nusa Penida with Komong, and I must say, it was an experience that exceeded all my expectations. From the moment we met, it was evident that Komong was not just a guide but a true expert and enthusiast of Nusa Penida’s rich natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Komong’s knowledge of the island was truly impressive. Throughout the trip, he shared captivating stories about the island’s history, its unique flora and fauna, and its local customs. His passion for Nusa Penida shone through in every detail he provided, making the journey even more immersive and meaningful.

One of the highlights of the trip was exploring the breathtaking natural landscapes that Nusa Penida is renowned for. Komong guided us to awe-inspiring viewpoints, pristine beaches, and hidden waterfalls that seemed straight out of a postcard. His understanding of the best times to visit each location allowed us to witness the island’s beauty at its peak. The stunning panoramic views of the ocean, the towering cliffs, and the crystal-clear waters will forever be etched in my memory.

What truly set Komong apart was his ability to tailor the trip to our preferences and needs. He took the time to understand our interests, making sure to include activities and sights that catered to our desires. Whether it was snorkeling with vibrant marine life, exploring mystical caves, or indulging in local cuisine, Komong always had the perfect plan to create a well-rounded and unforgettable experience.

Komong’s professionalism and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of the trip. From the well-organized itinerary to the seamless transportation arrangements, everything ran smoothly, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the beauty of Nusa Penida. His friendly and approachable nature made us feel comfortable throughout the journey, fostering a warm and enjoyable atmosphere.

I cannot stress enough how much I appreciated Komong’s dedication to sustainable tourism. He emphasized the importance of preserving Nusa Penida’s fragile ecosystem and supporting local communities. His commitment to responsible travel practices was evident in his choice of accommodations and the respect he showed towards the environment and local customs.

In conclusion, my guided trip with Komong in Nusa Penida was an extraordinary experience that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking an adventure off the beaten path. Komong’s expertise, passion, and personalized approach made the journey truly unforgettable. If you’re looking to explore the hidden gems of Nusa Penida while having a knowledgeable and reliable guide by your side, Komong is the perfect choice. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! Great Driver too!


Nusa Penida Trip

It was a great day spent with profesional guide and driver. so helpful, nice, and fun. The trip was a memorable experience.


Good Experience

Very good experience overall. The guide was polite and helpful. Also , he took great pictures for us! The pick up and drop from the harbour was hassle free


Last minute deals

Agus really good to manage time even in high season and very last minute deal. Last Lebaran having a short trip to Penida with 15pax, Agus handle us very well, highly recommended local tour guide.


Great Service

I had the best Nusa penida experience here with Komang! Right from being prompt to pick us up at the pier to ensuring we come to a clean and airconditioned car since it was extremely hot! He was just perfect. He showed us a lot of side of Nusa Penida and also ensured we had a comfortable day tour! He ensured we dont miss out on anything.


Best Guide!!!!

Ontime dan rapi, perjalanan aman terpercaya, Bli Komang is the best guide, sangat tau estimasi waktu sehingga bisa sampai ke semua tujuan dan skill fotonya oke banget, got a lot of great photos and very helpful, definitely see you again!!!!


Great trip!

I just had the best Nusa Penida Trip! it was a 2 days and 1 night trip where we explore the western and eastern part of Nusa Penida. The tour guide is so helpful, kind, and informative. He even allowed us to go somewhere not in the list.
Very recommended!


Fast response

Fast response, guide ramah dan tau spot foto menarik. Bonusnya skill foto guide nya juga oke. Guide juga tertib dengan itinerary, perjalanan jadi tertata dan on schedule. Next time kalo mau berkunjung ke Penida akan pakai jasa dari sini lagi pasti. Oh ya buat harga paket worth it banget.


Terima Kasih Agus Tour

On time dan rapi schedulenya… Next time kesini lagi


Great Tour Guide

Tour guidenya baik dan ramah… Mantap betul deh pokonya


Sangat Ramah

Pelayanan yang ramah, penjemputan tepat waktu… Padahal jauh bgt jemputnya ke Ubud. Pemandangannya bagus banget, panas dan capek jadi hilang


Terima Kasih Penida Agus Tour

Pengalaman tour ke Nusa Penida yang sangat berkesan, tour guide (Pak Komang) sangat ramah dan helpful, fasilitas cukup bagus. Sangat recommend, all arranged by Penida Agus Tour


Very friendly and helpful

One of the most memorable experiences. The tour guide is very friendly and very helpful. Thanks to Mr. Komang we got a lot of great photos. Thank you very much


Extraordinary View

Nusa Penida really presents an extraordinary view… Even though the sun is very hot but it’s worth it. Thank you Agus Tour…


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